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About Max Planck vLib

This page is no longer updated and will be removed soon.

 Project Information

The Max Planck virtual Library (vLib) portal has been scheduled for termination, see announcement.

vLib Resources

To browse electronic resources available, please go to MPG.ReNa

To locate resources still enabled for federated search, please see vLib MetaSearch.

vLib Features

vLib services have been discontinued. The feature documentation of the MPG/SFX server has been moved to:

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vLib Help and Material

Help files, training material and further information will be added continuously:

More material and literature is available on the Max Planck PuRe Server.

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vLib Maintenance Hours

The Max Planck vLib and the MPG/SFX link resolver are hosted by the GWDG. Please consider the following scheduled periods of downtime.

Please be aware that scheduled and emergency maintenance affect access to vLib and MPG/SFX services and will close active user sessions in the vLib portal.

To keep track of additional announced system downtimes, please watch our blog.

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vLib Project Team and Contact

In order to contact the Project Team, please send a message using our contact form.

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